The invitation card contains a meaningful design: “The tree of peace” which was done by Francesca Di Pietro, of Colgna Spiaggia (Italy), 12 years old.

More than 170 people from the province of Teramo, Pescara and from nearby territories gathered together for a dinner for a cause entitled “Insieme.. Semi di Pace” (Together… Seeds of Peace) last November 29, 2019.

The event was organised and promoted by the Focolare movement with the collaboration of Associazione “Città Aperta” (Open City Association) which aims to collect funds for the International Center for Unity and Peace Jerusalem.

“The nigh was sealed by mutual hospitality and of benevolence among the adherents of this initiative, because already here, and not only in the Holy Land, a model of a united society in the spirit of universal fraternity: ‘Together… Seeds of Peace’ and hope.”