Presentations from the “Together for Jerusalem” seminar now accessible online

The city of Jerusalem has a troubled history like few others and even recently has passed through difficult moments between the pandemic and eruptions of violence. Yet, paradoxically, Jerusalem remains the symbol of hope for peace and harmony amongst peoples. At least this is how the Bible shows it to us, as the presentations of the seminar “Together for Jerusalem” clearly demonstrate.

The seminar took place on March 12, 2020 at Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem. Its purpose was to lay an initial biblical foundation to the goals of the future International Center for Unity and Peace of the Focolare Movement.

The topic of the seminar was “The Vocation of Jerusalem in the Bible.” The seminar’s morning session began with keynote speaker, Yair Zakovitch (professor emeritus in biblical studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem), who spoke on the peace of Jerusalem as found in the prophetic literature. Prof. Zakovitch’s presentation was followed by several others: Giovanna Maria Porrino (Italy), Franz Sedlmeier (Germany), Rabbi David Goodman (Israel), Giovanna Czander (USA), Margareta Gruber (Germany), Marcie Lenk (Israel) and Rabbi Ron Kronish (Israel).

All the presentations are now freely accessible in the online journal: Claritas: Journal of Dialogue and Culture, Vol. 9, No. 2 (2020) Together for Jerusalem . Some contributions in the form of videos can be found on Youtube.

The seminar, also part of the academic outreach of Sophia University Institute, heralds the launch of a shared journey in scriptural research, cause of hope for fruitful exchange well into the future.


Dominik Berberich