“28-08-2019: Good morning! We are a group of young people (between 20-25 years old) from Switzerland and take part in the Focolare Movement. With interest we saw your project when it was broadcasted on the Collegamento CH earlier this year. As a group, we have been financially supporting the international Youth Genfest in Manila with funds that we collected by singing in different churches and collecting money. As the Genfest has ended last year. We were looking for a new project to support. Now, is it correct that you still need money for your center? What is the current situation in terms of planning/construction (this way we can also present the project adequately in the churches). Let us know. Thank you for your answer!”

21-09-2019: “Thank you very much for your information! We have therefore decided to support your project financially with the money that we receive from playing in the 3 churches. Now, tomorrow is our first singing”

29-10-2019: “Just to keep you updated: We have successfully collected money in the two churches!”